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  • Heart Work – Chapter Five

    Heart Work – Chapter Five

    Collin arrived out at the ranch the same time as the contractor. The two men get out of their vehicles and greet one another. “Hello, Mr. Bradley?” “Yes, but you can just call me Jake.”

  • Heart Work – Chapter Four

    Heart Work – Chapter Four

    The house was tidy, but there was a thin layer of dust over everything, like place hadn’t been cleaned in a few weeks. Collin walked from the foyer into the living room taking in the dated furnishings of his youth. As he entered the kitchen, he noticed the sun faded paint on the walls, as well as the faded wood floors.

  • Heart Work – Chapter Three

    Heart Work – Chapter Three

    The wheels of the rental car ate the miles between the airport and what appeared to be the middle of nowhere. Collin sighed as his hometown of Cottonwood, California came into view. He was talking to his boss, Frank Phillips, on the phone, explaining who covering his cases while he was absent.

  • Heart Work – Chapter Two

    Heart Work – Chapter Two

    Collin sighed as he shut off the computer. It had been a very long day, filled with more incompetence from Billy and putting out the fires associated with it.

  • Heart Work – Chapter One

    Heart Work – Chapter One

    Collin sat behind his desk looking over the files his interns had brought him, wondering how he was going to survive his day. At 36, Collin was well on his way to making partner at the law firm he had worked at for over a decade. Achieving that goal was all he ever wanted. He was so close. Collin would sacrifice anything to succeed.