How I Write

Beginnings are something many writers struggle with. Not only when starting a new project, but also just sitting down to write each day is the beginning of a new journey into a work in progress.

How do I start writing daily or a new project? I usually sit down, open up a blank page or current project, and then stare at it for a moment. Sometimes I start writing straight away, while other times I start researching something so I can. This is an excuse to not write because I typically already have an outline and idea of what I’m going to write. Then I have to feed and water my dog, check on the garden, and make myself some coffee.

Once the laundry is folded and the dishes are put away, I’ll glance back over at my tablet and think how I’m wasting time and need to be writing. Suddenly, I find myself with only an hour left before my son gets out of school. That’s when the motivation kicks in – my precious bubble of solitude is about to burst and I must write!

I’ll knock out a few pages, run and get my son from school, throw together a quick snack for him, make another cup of coffee, and then write a few more pages. He and I will spend time together, finish his homework, and then once he’s in bed I’ll write more.

At night is the time I come alive creatively; I have more time to focus. Starting my writing process while my son is at school helps me get chores done, figure out where I am in the story, and think through what I want to write as I do everything else. Once he’s asleep, I can review the notes on my digital recorder and write for a few hours before bed.

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