Tiny Living and Life Under Construction

Hello everyone! Things have been busy this past week, especially as I worked to get up shade cloth before the triple digit heat hit Northern California.

I bought my tiny house in September of 2019 as a shell that I could quickly finish before I sold my house. Well, that didn’t happen. I got the insulation installed, but there wasn’t time to work on the tiny house as I focused on downsizing mine and my son’s items. Then there was the IEP meetings, the fighting with the school for services, moving, and trying to freelance. There was never time or energy to work on it. Then the house sold and we moved into my parent’s house.

Now a year after we moved to my parent’s house and property, I have been able to sit down and create a list of what needs to happen and check items off of it. The first thing was replacing the single pane windows with double pane windows and replacing a vent in the loft with a window. The next item on the list was to add the reflective barrier to the vaulted ceiling before I add the DIY ceiling tiles I have to make.

My next goal for this week is to add the rigid foam board to the exterior wall of the loft. Once it’s cut out and in place, I’ll add caulking to help with the energy efficiency. All of this is so I can move my bed from what is going to be my office into the loft. Having a dedicated space for my writing is so important to me, especially as I get my Masters in creative writing and pursue this as more of a part-time career. I do have my nonprofit I’m also working on too, which I haven’t talked about much on here, but will in the future as that comes together.

In the meantime, I have been creating lists in order to help myself stay organized and focused on what needs to be done in my classes, my tiny house, my writing life, and my life in general. It’s extremely satisfying being able to check items off a list and visually see the progress being made both on paper and in reality.

Well, I need to get back to the grind! Until next time!


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