The Writing Life

It has been a crazy week! Since starting my Master’s program in March, I have been writing, outlining, reading, and editing so many things. I’m either doing it for me and my thesis, or as an assignment for a professor. I’m just grateful that school ends for my son in a few weeks, and then I won’t have to worry about his schooling while I work on my summer classes.

Because I’ve been reading and writing a ton, I’ve also been sitting a lot more. I didn’t realize how tired sitting made me until I started doing it 6-7 hours a day. While I get up and move around every so often, it’s still not near what it should be. So I’m challenging myself to move at least 20 minutes for every couple of hours I sit. The one hour commute dropping my son off at school and then driving home that I do twice a day also doesn’t help. Although waiting for my son to get out of school has greatly helped me plan my writing projects, so I can’t complain too much.

Speaking of writing projects, I have been going over manuscripts and screenplays I have written off and on over the years. One of the screenplays I wrote about five years ago, “Heart Work,” was entered into the PAGE Awards a couple of times. While going over my files, I dusted this one off so to speak, and began reading it. After getting through the first 30 pages, I have decided to turn the screenplay into a manuscript. I will be posting the first five chapters here on my blog as a blurb, and am hoping to have the story released by the end of this year.

I am roughly a quarter of the way through rewriting the screenplay as a novel. Heart Work will need to be edited, rewritten, and go through a couple different processes before it can be released. However, I will keep all of you updated as I go through that process.

In the meantime, I have started writing a mystery series, which I’m using as my Master’s thesis. I’m hoping to have that manuscript complete by the middle of 2022. I also have to check in on the nonprofit I have started, but more of that at a later date. I better get back to the grind!


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